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Bridgestone Ecopia | Green tires for car, truck and SUV

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Introducing Ecopia

As the most fuel-efficient line of Bridgestone tires, Ecopia improves rolling resistance, which helps increase fuel efficiency and reduce vehicle emissions.

What is low rolling resistance?

If we free roll 2 vehicles down a slope with no mechanical input (one with conventional tires, another with low rolling resistance tires) the car equipped with low rolling resistance tires will roll further than the car with conventional tires. The low rolling resistance tire will let you go further with the same amount of energy input. This is how a low rolling resistance tire contributes to fuel savings.

Ecopia Rolling Resistance

With its fuel saving technologies and 65,000 mile limited treadwear warranty, the ECOPIA EP422 gives you the features and benefits you need while allowing you to do your part for the environment, one set at a time.

The Dueler H/L 422 is Bridgestone’s green All-Season tire for SUV, CUV and Light Truck applications. Featuring a 65,000 mile limited treadwear warranty, it provides low rolling resistance without sacrificing wet performance and wear.

  • NanoPro-Tech process in tread compound controls the interaction between polymer, filler materials (carbon black, silica) and other rubber chemicals at the molecular level.
    Better Carbon = Less Friction = Fuel Savings.
  • Proprietary polymer technology improves wear performance to achieve 65K Mileage Warranty.
  • Silica improves traction in wet conditions by increasing flexibility of tread compound.
  • Non-aromatic oil reducing the carbon footprint.
Fuel Saver Sidewall
  • Fuel Saver Sidewall compound lowers rolling resistance by returning more energy back to the tire (instead of generating heat) than a normal sidewall Think of the Fuel Saver Sidewall rubber as an extreme opposite of a Tempurpedic mattress.  When you push on the mattress, it takes a long time for the foam to return to its original shape. This behavior is called Hysteresis. Our new sidewall has very reduced hysteresis compared to a normal sidewall.

Ecopia EP422 is Built with 5% Post Consumer Recycled Materials in the Tread Compound. This reduces the amount of tires placed in landfills year after year.