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Bridgestone Environmental Mission and Green initiatives

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The Bridgestone Group has long been an industry leader in innovation-and it’s evident in our green initiatives.

In every corner of the company, we are using the power of our global technologies and our innovative teammates to do the right things and do things right for our planet and for the environment.

Our “ONE TEAM, ONE PLANET” environmental and energy initiatives are making a difference every day.

1. Products and Services
We help our customers conserve natural resources through our continual improvementof products and services
2. Operations

Our concern for the environment in material selection, production processes and logistics continually improves our environmental performance.

We have the only 2 LEED certified tire manufacturing facilities in the world.

We also have a Gold LEED certified retail facility from which we are using best building practices when constructing our new retail facilities.

3. Community Activities

We volunteer our time and resources for community-oriented environmental and social improvements.