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Based on the type of vehicle you drive and the average cost of fuel in your area, we can calculate the average estimated savings you’ll benefit from when you switch to Ecopia tires.

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Ecopia tires are engineered to save you money. The fuel savings you’ll achieve using Ecopia tires will save you more over the span of its life than a comparable non-Ecopia tire.

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How It Works
Your local fuel price is $[fuelPrice]/gallon. You’ve estimated your [year] [make] [model] to achieve [mpg] MPG with conventional* tires. Using Ecopia tires, you could reduce fuel consumption by [gasSavedPercent]% - that’s [gasSavedAmount] gallons of gas, or $[gasSavedPrice] savings over the lifetime of the tires.
Fuel consumption depends on many factors, including engine size, weight of the vehicle, and more. [subBrand] [productName] tires are engineered to reduce rolling resistance by [improvement]%*, which means less fuel is required to get your vehicle moving. In addition, Ecopia tires transfer more energy back into the tire, generating less heat and improving overall fuel efficiency.
For every gallon of fuel saved, your carbon footprint is reduced by .02 metric tons of CO2. That’s equal to planting 1/8 of a tree. By saving an estimated [gasSavedAmount] gallons of gas over the life of your Ecopia tires, you’re reducing your impact on the environment equal to planting [treesSaved] trees.
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