Tire Talk

Know how run-flat tires work? How about the difference between all-season and summer tires? Tire Talk is where we dive a little deeper.

  • 5 Tips for Tire Maintenance before a Trip

    Your car's tires are a vital part of any journey, and making sure they're in top shape before you hit the road is even more important than making sure the right playlist is ready to blast out of the car's speakers.

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  • Can You Drive Snow and Winter Tires Year Round?

    Winter tires are specially designed for cold temperatures and winter precipitation. Know what could happen if you try using them year-round.

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  • Road Salt in Winter: Pros & Cons

    Many consider road salt an effective method for preventing weather-related collisions. However, road salt also causes vehicle parts to rust. So, what's the final word - is using salt to deice roads a good or bad thing?

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  • Airless Tires

    Bridgestone's revolutionary airless tire technology features a unique spoke structure designed to support the weight of a vehicle, effectively eliminating the need to periodically refill the tires with air.

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  • What Are All Season Tires?

    For drivers who want versatile performance year-round, all season tires are made out of rubber composite compounds that are formulated to perform well under a wide range of weather and temperature conditions.

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  • Summer Tires vs. All Season Tires

    When choosing between summer and all season tires, it helps to understand the benefits and limitations of each. Which one is right for your vehicle?

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  • Tire Safety for All Drivers

    As with just about everything on your car, paying attention and being proactive to your tires are the keys to a successful trip. Here are a few tips for avoiding trouble on the road ahead.

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  • Fuel Efficient Tires

    See how Bridgestone fuel efficient tires can help save you money at the pump, give you more miles per gallon and offer a comfortable ride while reducing carbon emissions.

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  • Studded Snow Tires vs. Studless Snow Tires

    There are two main types of winter tires: studded and studless. Studded tires were the must-have snow tires for a long time, but advances in rubber compounds and other winter tire technologies have changed the minds of many drivers.

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  • How to Buy Tires

    Knowing the ins and outs of buying tires can be overwhelming, so we've put together a practical tire buying guide to give you the information you need to make an educated and confident decision.

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  • How to Choose Truck Tires

    Some truck tires are optimized to provide good off-road traction, while some are designed for smooth on-road handling and others offer a balance between the two. Which truck tire is right for you?

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  • It's Time for a Change: DriveGuard

    At Bridgestone, we've always been in the fast lane when it comes to innovation. Today, we're still leading the pack, with the introduction of DriveGuard, the first full line of run-flat tires - tires that keep you moving, even after a puncture.

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  • Run Flat Tires: How They Work

    Though they first appeared in the mid-1980s, run flat tires are now more popular and technologically advanced than ever before. Take a look at the technology behind these game-changing tires.

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  • Tire Tread Wear & Causes

    As tires are used, the tread gradually becomes shallower, impacting overall tire performance. But tires don't all wear the same; here's what you should know about what causes tire wear.

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  • 5 Tips to Get the Most From Your Tires

    The U.S. government estimates that transportation costs equal about 12.9% of the typical household's income. So, how can you stretch your money when it comes to your car's tires?

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  • Winter and Snow Tires

    If you live in an area that experiences snowy or icy conditions in the winter months, hitting the road means paying close attention to conditions and adjusting your driving accordingly. But possibly the most important thing to do is install winter or snow tires.

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  • Winter & Snow Tires vs. All Season Tires

    Many drivers ask, "Do I need winter tires if I have all season tires on my car?" The short answer: Possibly. To understand what tires you'll need, you must first understand the differences in winter tires vs. all season tires.

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  • Testing, Testing: Bridgestone's Texas Proving Grounds

    At the Bridgestone Texas Proving Grounds, we take all our tires to their limits in a variety of conditions all year long. This is the place where the highway, gravel and city streets all meet, ensuring our tires are tested in nearly every real-world condition.

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