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For drivers who want versatile performance year-round, all season tires are a great option. All season tires are essentially tires that find a balance in performance under multiple road conditions that make them a great choice drivers can rely on throughout the year.

How that balance is achieved can vary widely from specific models of tires, but generally, all season tires tend to have a few characteristics in common. Generally, all season tires are made out of rubber composite compounds that are formulated to perform well under a wide range of weather and temperature conditions.

All season tires tend to have tread blocks in sizes and shapes that can offer biting edges for performance in light snow conditions as well as grip on wet and dry roads. All season tires commonly feature some siping—narrow channels across the tread surface—that help increase traction on wet or icy roads. The unique tread patterns of all season tires typically provide a quiet and comfortable ride for cars, trucks, SUVs, and crossovers alike.

All season tires perform well in wet or dry conditions in warmer weather, but are not intended to provide the sporty feel or highest grip associated with maximum handling performance.  Additionally, all-season tires are capable in winter weather, but do not provide optimal performance when driving in more extreme conditions such as deep snow, freezing rain, and black ice.  If you are looking for a tire that excels in dry performance or provides extra grip during winter seasons you may prefer dedicated summer or winter tires. 

If you enjoy making sharp turns with precision and pushing your performance vehicle to the limits, summer tires may be the right match for your vehicle needs. Summer tires work best on high performance vehicles and are designed to offer the most grip and agility in warmer weather.  With optimized construction, rubber compounding, and more tread surface in contact with the road, the performance capabilities of summer tires are generally focused around optimized offer better braking, cornering-handling, and a sporty feel control than most other tires. Not only are these tires ideal for dry conditions, the unique tread patterns of Bridgestone summer tires also help provide solid wet performance with enhanced water evacuation capabilities to help resist hydroplaning.  However, summer tires may not be as gas-friendly as many tires, and they may not provide the grip you need in the ice or snow. 

If you live in an area that sees icy, snowy winters, you should consider switching to Bridgestone Blizzak winter tires for the winter driving season. When temperatures are below freezing and weather conditions can be unpredictable, our winter tires are ready to perform because of special rubber compounds and deep tread grooves, slots and sipes that maintain rubber flexibility and help grip the road. High sipe density technology gives the tire many biting edges to grip snow and ice, providing traction when it matters most. The multicell tread compound found in many Bridgestone Blizzak tires makes the tire porous like a sponge, capable of displacing the thin layer of surface water when driving on ice, and also helps create impressive traction on snow covered roads. If you live in a northern climate that regularly experiences tough, long winters, our Blizzak tires can offer you the extra tire bite you need for especially snowy, icy roads.


When you’re shopping for all season tires, ask yourself what you value most in your tire and driving experience. As soon as you identify what those needs are, you are able to focus your tire search on finding tires that match your criteria. Need a tire for your SUV or CUV vehicle that compliments the look of a luxury vehicle, helping to deliver fuel efficiency while offering year-round performance? Bridgestone’s Dueler HL Alenza Plus could be the tire that achieves the right balance of styling and performance to satisfy your needs.


Overall, what a person looks for in an all season tire can vary depending on what you value in your personal driving experience. An all season tire can give you an efficient and quality ride for the many weather conditions you may encounter in your everyday life. Bridgestone all season tires can help you confidently take on the open road and lead you to the journeys you have ahead. 


Need a tire for your SUV or CUV vehicle that compliments the look of a luxury vehicle, delivers fuel efficiency while offering year-round wear performance? Bridgestone’s Dueler HL Alenza Plus could be the tire that achieves the right balance of styling and performance to satisfy your needs.